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FOX News
Jan 30, 2010 7:00am EST
starting in october, except for medicare, medicaid, national security and a fiscal commission to figure out new ways to take down the deficit. the whatever the president comes up with now would likely be a watered down version with no congressional approval required. the plan actually went down when fiscally conservative senators got nervous it would push tax increases or cuts in social security and medicare. dave, alisyn and clayton, back to you. >> thanks, caroline. >> let's talk about what happened in baltimore yesterday of course before the president went towards that machine factory to get a sense of how things are going economically there. talking with republicans at their annual g.o.p. retreat at the hotel and trying to go back and forth and let him know hey, af got things i want to work on. you've got things you want to work on. let's see if there's common ground. >> analysts said that it was unprecedented. not that they would visit the other side, but televise it live so we could see that the pushback that the g.o.p. was giving and responses that president obama was giving, it
FOX News
Jan 23, 2010 7:00am EST
frankly absolute he ridiculously kind of figure to say we are cutting medicare and expand the pool of more people and do it for less money. >> how do you expand the pool and not pay for it? >> you are to make sure people have buy in it. you can spread risks around but have limitation on what you cover . everybody can't have everything for free. you want a wide spread coverage you may more. here's the other thing. you have to have a payment plan that does two thingings. puts responsibility on the consumer. if you live healthier you pay less. recklessly, you pay more. second factor. if the payment goes. simply to procedures we'll never catch up. you have to pay for quality. one quick penalty and we are running out of time. you go to your doctor and six times the diagnosis is wrong. he gets paid senth times. doctor gets it right the first time. which doctor did the best job. doctor who made less money than the doctor that took sen times. pay for quality. >> >> we have a magnificent lady from texas number one in texas and only 98 years old and actively selling real estate in a down turned
FOX News
Jan 9, 2010 7:00am EST
and bush was the first president to talk about reforming medicare and social security. but domestic spending flat lined. we spent more on the border and tripled the size of border and budget of the border patrol and not much spending on homeland security before 9/11. we did under bush after 9/11 and we are in war and we have to pay for it and fight it. >> karl may hook like he is unplugged. but not until we roll animation. roll it >> karl, we want to and you about this new capitol hill casa nova. stories came out that the budget director is engaged to a beautiful woman and abccorrespondant. he is not the cuddy. >> he is a definition of a nerd and a color past. what is this phenomenon, karl in washington d.c. where geeks are studs, please explain it to us. >> power is an aprodizziac or up toees. it is amazing. we have a secretary of treasury . director of the office management engaged to eye beautiful woman and a love child from a previous relationship and conceived in the moment after he onb director whompt knows. >> we didn't know that? >> and i mean, back to high school. you admit
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3